Club History

The origins of the Club were seeded in the amalgamation of two clubs by the District Association.  East Maitland United ( later Tenambit Cricket Club) and Morpeth Cricket Club.

The East Maitland United Cricket Club was formed in 1965 by a group of cricketers led by Mr Rex Bergin where its first annual meeting was held and it was determined to call the new club East Maitland United (EMU).  The first cricket season saw one single senior side take the field.  The newly formed Club utilized the Hunter River Hotel as its home base, running raffles and using the facilities to promote social functions.  As the subsequent seasons unfolded that club rapidly built up its playing numbers and was able to enter additional grade sides.  East Maitland United experienced strong growth and became one of the strongest clubs in the district.

In 1979 Tenambit Oval was offered to EMU as its home ground, in conjunction with a meeting where it was decided to rename the club Tenambit Cricket Club.

Prior to 1979 EMU and MORPETH regularly fought out Finals and competed in 2nd Grade in times when it wasn’t a compulsory rule to field 3 District sides (1st – 3rd grade).

Morpeth Cricket Club applied for 1st grade status in 1981/82 where Maitland District Cricket Association in its wisdom deemed that Tenambit and Morpeth Clubs should combine to keep the status quo between the 2 tiered District & Club Cricket competitions as administered by MDCA.  A new district Club was born to be known as Tenambit – Morpeth Cricket Club.  By arrangement it was agreed as a gesture of goodwill that Morpeth Oval become the main home ground for the newly amalgamated Club.  It is now history that a united Tenambit – Morpeth acquired its initial First grade premiership in 1981/82 defeating Weston Workers and in doing so also secured the coveted District Club Championship (across all grades).        

The combined Cricket Club has subsequently won the District Club Championship on a number of occasions on the back of player depth and Major Premiership winning efforts in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade.  It has been a rarity that our Club has not been the recipient of at least one annual District or Club Title since its formation over the last 23 years.

The Club has produced no fewer than 7 District Players of the Year such as Don Webb, Brad Shone, Wayne Trappel, Mark Hanks, Ricky Meehan, Matthew Gurr, and Aaron Wolinski in addition to furnishing the MDCA representative John Bull Shield sides with notable players such as Terry Walters, Tony Fort, Drew Pannowitz, Trevor Drowley, John Fitzpatrick, Nathan Eveleigh, Brett Ward, Mark Peno, Danny Johnson, John Richards, Don Brooker, Anthony Pearce, David Ward, Troy Gear, Tony Burgess, Wayne Trappel, Phil Warby & Phil Callinan.

Hunter Valley Central North has also been represented by Michael Eccleston, Nathan Eveleigh, Aaron Wolinski and Troy Goodwin.

Tenambit – Morpeth Juniors such as Tony Fort and Michael Eccleston have gone on to higher honours and the attention of NSW Cricket. Joshua Ayscough, Adam Sidoti, Michael Anderson, Gareth Sciffer, Being a MDJCC representative players.